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Business License Online Application

CITY OF DOWNEY - New Business License Application
Please note that the use of this system requires Internet Explorer 10 or newer, or the most recent version of Google Chrome.

What you need to know to get started.

1. Business licenses are renewed on a calendar year basis. 

2. Business start date is the first date your business actually or is expected to start in the City of Downey. 

3. One of following is required to apply for a new business license:

    A. Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN)
    B. State Employee Identification Number (SEIN)
    C. Owner’s Social Security Number (sole-owner or partnerships only)

4. If your business is located in the City of Downey, you are advised to verify that your proposed business is an allowable use 
at the location before starting this process.  Contact the Planning Division at (562) 904-7154 to verify if your business is a 
permitted use.

5. If your business is based in your home, proof of residence will be required.  Acceptable methods of proof of residence
includes: valid driver’s license/state issued id card with current address, utility bill, or a copy of lease/rental agreement. 
For further information on home based businesses, please call the Planning Division at (562) 904-7154.

6. Special conditions of approval apply to all home based businesses.  To view these conditions of approval, please click here.  

7. Payment will not be required until your application has been accepted.  You will receive an email verifying that your 
application has been received.  Upon approval of your application, you will receive a second email containing the amount due
and instructions how to make payment on-line. 

**BE ADVISED** Submitting an application is not an authorization to conduct business. You must wait until the application is approved by the City of Downey before commencing business.

For general questions regarding business licenses, please email: or call (562) 904-7246. We wish you much success in your business venture!